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What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. RSS is used by (among other things) news websites, weblogs and podcasting. RSS feeds provide web content, or summaries of web content, together with links to the full versions of the content. RSS delivers this information as an XML file called an RSS feed, webfeed, RSS stream, or RSS channel. In addition to facilitating syndication, RSS feeds allow a website's frequent readers to track updates on the site as soon as they become available using an aggregator. The aggregator provides a consolidated view of the content in a single browser display or desktop application. Such aggregators or applications are also referred to as RSS readers, feed readers, feed aggregators or news readers.

Where are SAGE RSS Feeds available and for what content?

SAGE offers RSS feeds on all journal homepages on Sage Journals Online.

The RSS feeds allow you to bring together the latest tables of contents for your favourite SAGE journals into your web page or RSS reader. There is no limit to how many SAGE journal tables of contents you can receive via RSS feeds.

What are the advantages of SAGE RSS feeds?

  • Your RSS reader will indicate whenever you have unread tables of contents available
  • You choose when to look at the RSS feeds and they don't clog up your email inbox
  • The RSS feeds have abstracts and link directly to the articles on SAGE Journals Online
  • You do not have to give any personal details to sign up to receive RSS feeds

How do I start using SAGE RSS feeds?

Select an RSS reader or service, such as Bloglines, Yahoo, etc. Try this site for recommendations:
Select the RSS subscription preferred. You can choose to either receive the 'Current issue only' and/or the last four issues with the 'Recent issues' option.
To subscribe, right-click on the Shortcut (or Link Location) above and paste it into your RSS reader. The URL will look like or Because each RSS browser or reader varies in setup procedures, please consult the help menu of that application.
Once set up, you should begin to receive the latest tables of contents into your web page or RSS reader. New Table of Content feeds will automatically be delivered to your RSS browser or reader as they become available.

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